ᐅ HAGIBIS VGA HD Cable Black Other PC Parts Sale, Price & Reviews

Main Features:
● Double magnetic ring
The line body is equipped with double magnetic rings to prevent the influence of electromagnetic fields and strengthen the isolation of signal interference.
● 3 + 9 wire core, stable and no flicker
High-purity copper core design, standard 3 + 9 wire core, unimpeded signal transmission, clear picture quality and no flash screen.
● Gold-plated interface does not rust
High-quality gold-plated interface, resistant to plugging and rusting, and smooth signal transmission.
● The picture is lifelike
Support 1080P resolution, the picture is clean and delicate, HD is not discounted.
● Suitable for many VGA devices
Suitable for output devices with VGA, connected to computers, monitors, projectors, etc. to achieve high-definition display.
● Mirror mode
Big screen connection is more exciting.
The two screens display the same picture, the big screen to watch movies, play games or conference speech, the picture is clearly presented.
● Extended mode
Chat chase at the same time.
Multi-task split-screen display, while WeChat chat, while expanding the movie to watch TV, not used to switch back to the window, and do not have to worry about chat information will be displayed on the big screen, leaking privacy.
● High toughness and bending resistance
The line body shell is made of PVC environmentally friendly material, which has good flexibility, tensile resistance and no breakage, and is durable.

Name: VGA HD cable
Line length: 3m
Core: oxygen-free copper core
Shield: + foil + ground metal braid
Output interfaces: VGA Interface
Resolution: 1080P / 60Hz
Outside the Material: green PVC
Interface Material: Gold-plated