ᐅ Multifunctional Early Childhood Education Projector Sale, Price & Reviews

Main Features:
●Bionic appearance design
The baby elephant sprays water, bionic design, cute appearance, creative, with lively colors, so that the baby can not put it down.
Watch animations: decode 720P and below common video formats, and place appropriate children”s songs, stories, and cartoons according to your child’s age.
See pictures: play common format stories and picture books ( shows picture books based on the progress of the story ). Play cognitive pictures, helping children to recognize common fruits, vegetables, animals, common sense of life, etc.
Listen to music: corresponding to playing audio, helping children develop a sense of music.
Recognize words: play Chinese characters and corresponding prompts to help children understand the correct writing of Chinese characters.
●Micro USB charging interface ( recommended to charge with 5V 2W charger, variable charging side )
●Support TF card, users can choose the appropriate capacity according to how much content is placed.
●Adjust the size ratio
According to the light, you can adjust the distance and size of the projection, not only can be used at night, it can be used during the day, the projection distance is 0.3 – 2M.
Baby is a little bigger for TV, mobile phone, tablet, and the screen is already used, but the projection is generally rare, this can cause the baby’s curiosity and increase the fun of the baby. For example, the baby squats early in the projector, you can take a photo while walking, and then you can watch the animation inside, early teaching content and so on.
●Protect eyes
We often use mobile phones, tablets, TVs to watch cartoons or early education content for the baby, and then these are LED light sources directly to the baby’s eyes, so the damage is relatively large, and the projection is to reflect the picture video to the display object through the LED light source, baby sees It is the display of objects, the light source will not directly hit the eyes, there will be no harm.
● Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, full power can work for about 2 hours, charging time is about 4 hours ( 5V 2A charger ).

Technical Parameter:
● Projection maximum video decoding capability: 720P
● Projection size: 6.7 to 80 inches
● Focusing distance: 0.3 – 2m
● Maximum brightness: more than 130 LUX ( 6.7 inches )
● Battery capacity: 2000mAh
● Charging method: Micro USB
● Storage method: TF card