ᐅ Xiaomi Redmi 30W TV Speaker Sound Bar Subwoofer Smart Bass Stereo Device Wireless Bluetooth AUX SPDIF Home Theater Projector Sale, Price & Reviews

Main Features

Double 45x80mm full frequency sound units for really and pleasant sounds.
Multiple device interfaces for easy connection.
Supports wall and seat installation.
Supporting Bluetooth playback.
Brand: Redmi
Weight: 1.5kg
Speaker unit: 2* 45x80mm racetrack type full frequency speakers
bluetooth: V5.0
Output power: 30W
Frequency response: 80Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 4Ω
Connect: 3.5mm AUX-in, SPDIF/ bluetooth 5.0

Package included:
1x Redmi TV Bar Speaker 30W Home Theater
1x SPDIF Cable
2x Screw
2x Expansion rubber plug
2x EVA foam pads
1* Chinese Manual
Indicator meaning:
When the Redmi TV sound bar switches the input source, the indicator light will be correspondingly lit (for about 15S), accompanied by voice prompts.
Three color indicator lights:
Blue: Bluetooth mode;
White: S/PDIF mode;
Green: AUX mode;
The default S/PDIF mode is entered when it is turned on for the first time, and when it is turned off and on again, it will automatically enter the mode used when it was turned off last time.
Key Description:
Long press: switch machine
Short press in power-on state: play/pause
B:Short press: volume +
Short press: switch audio source
Long press in Bluetooth state: Bluetooth pairing
Short press: Volume —
Long press for 1.5S: mute

Connect TV:
➊Take Redmi/Xiaomi TV as an example:
First connect with the S/PDIF cable, enter the setting of a sound-output on the TV, and set the output to “S/PDIF”,
Turn on the Redmi TV sound bar and enter the S/PDIF mode. Other TVs need to be wired by the user and switched to the corresponding input mode.
❷Connect to power
Connect the power plug of the Redmi TV sound bar to the power source.
❸Turn on
Short press the U power switch button on the right side of the speaker body, the speaker will enter the S/PDIF mode by default when the speaker is used for the first time, and the signal indicator on the front of the speaker will be steady white and start to use. After the speaker restarts, it will automatically enter the playback source mode when it was last used. In order for you to achieve the best experience when using the Redmi TV sound bar, please do not place the Redmi TV sound bar on the ground.
Note: If there is no sound on the TV when the Redmi TV sound bar is not used, you can set-Sound output on the TV and set the corresponding output mode.
Bluetooth connection
Connect to mobile device
When the Redmi TV sound bar is turned on, press the mode switch button on the right side to switch to the Bluetooth connection mode, the signal indicator will flash blue quickly, turn on the Bluetooth option of the mobile device, and select [RedmiTVSoundbar] in my device to complete the connection.
Press and hold the mode switch button for 1.5 seconds until the blue light of the signal indicator flashes quickly, you can disconnect the Bluetooth connection and enter the Bluetooth pairing mode again.
Press and hold the zone button and mountain button for 3 seconds at the same time, and you will hear a tone after clearing the Bluetooth pairing list.