ᐅ Outdoor Mountain Climbing Field Survival Compass Indoor Thermometer Equipment 5pcs Sale, Price & Reviews

Main Features

Name: double side mountaineering buckle
Material: aluminum alloy
Compass application method!
Arrow indicates N pole (North Pole): it is the marking method of most compass.
1. Use it horizontally to be as accurate as possible;
2. In order to avoid the disorder of the magnetic needle, please keep a certain distance from the wire mesh and magnetic objects when using it;
3. Do not use the ruler to knock the object, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy;
4. The disk and lens shall be kept clean and clean, and shall not be wiped with dirty cloth or hands;
5. When not in use, it should be closed and placed away from ferromagnetic materials to avoid loss of magnetism.
Hand polished, very beautiful, good gift, can be hung on the key chain, backpack as accessories.
Compass can show you the way forward, the favorite of outdoor people.
Simple, compact, pragmatic, function oriented, portable, convenient.