ᐅ HUAWEI MateBook 13 Rose Gold i5/10210U /16GB/ 512GB Ultrabooks Sale, Price & Reviews

Main Features:
●Super vision full screen
HUAWEI MateBook 13 is equipped with a 13-inch 2K full screen, with the screen ratio of up to 88%, and a broad field of vision beyond imagination. With a screen ratio of 3: 2, more content display brings better reading enjoyment and operation experience. 100% sRGB (typical value) wide color gamut, combined with 300 nits (typical value) brightness to bring the picture to life, and the vitality of the image is fully released.

Adopts a multi-touch screen 2 and an integrated touch solution to achieve high-precision multi-touch, and interaction is closer to instinct. There are also 3-finger slide screenshots, which can be sketched to achieve quick screenshots, and can automatically recognize the text in the picture and convert it into text, which is efficient and intimate.

●Slim and flexible
Designed for better portability, carefully crafted 14.9mm ultra-thin metal body, light about 1.32kg, diamond cut and chamfered on all sides, combined with delicate ceramic sandblasting process, showing ultra modern minimalism style, light and thin, compatible with performance, comfortable to hold, natural feel.

●Multi-screen collaboration
Equipped with “one-touch transmission” technology, pictures, documents, and videos are transmitted instantly, and on this basis, it brings a new and upgraded “multi-screen collaboration” experience. After tapping the connection, HUAWEI MateBook 13 can interact with the phone in real time across the system. Operate the mobile phone interface within the computer screen and enjoy the rich mobile application ecosystem. File pictures are dragged and transferred to each other in two directions for precise transmission and simple and fast. Keyboard and mouse are avatars of mobile phone peripherals, and input is more efficient. Computer mobile phones have complementary advantages, seamless connection, natural and smooth.

●16GB large memory
Upgrade the mainstream configuration to 16GB dual-channel large memory with 512GB PCIe NVMe solid state drive to say goodbye to insufficient memory anxiety. It is more efficient to read, store and compress large files, smoother multi-task switching and safer use.

●Fast and fast charging
Fast charging is the outstanding feature of HUAWEI MateBook 13. Even if the time is insufficient, only 15 minutes of charging can maintain daily office use for up to 2.3 hours. With 41.7 Wh (rated capacity) large-capacity battery, it can play 11.6 hours local full HD (1080P) video on a single charge, lasting life, wonderful and uninterrupted.

●Run calmly and enjoy the coolness
HUAWEI shark fin fan 2.0 fan blade adopts imitation shark fin design, which can effectively increase the fan speed. The air volume is increased by 25% compared to ordinary fans12. At the same time, the dual fan centrally separates the two heat sources, CPU and GPU, with faster speed, greater air volume, and more efficient heat dissipation. At the software level, equipped with intelligent filtering technology, real-time monitoring of the temperature of the whole machine through seven temperature sensors, and dual fan intelligent linkage, office audio and video scenes effectively reduce noise compared to traditional fans 3 dB.

●Ready at any time
Integrate fingerprint recognition in the power key, press it lightly, and unlock at the same time after booting, avoiding the trouble of remembering the password. More independent security chip blessing, effectively guarantee information security.

●Small and portable
Equipped with a 65W USB-C pocket charger, compatible with a variety of charging output power. Not only does it provide battery life for itself, but it can also charge many Huawei phones super fast 15 and charge HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro for 30 minutes up to 65%. One charge and more use, reduce the burden of traveling and going out, let you feel more at ease.

●Eye protection
Supports manual opening of eye protection mode, filtering some harmful blue light, automatically adjusting white balance and color tone, comfortable light sensitivity, alleviating visual fatigue, and making you feel intimate during use.