ᐅ Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 2020 Model Dark Gray i5-10210U-8GB-512GB Ultrabooks Sale, Price & Reviews

Main Feature:
The new 10th generation Intel Core processor
Equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, the highest core frequency can reach 4.9GHz, and the overall CPU performance is 7%-10% higher than that of the 8th generation. Powerful core, calmly deal with large applications and multi-tasking, office learning should be so efficient

The new upgrade alone shows GeForce MX350 with strong heat dissipation, the performance is beyond imagination
Equipped with TDP 25W NVIDIA GeForce MX350 high-performance discrete graphics card, using NVIDIA Pascal architecture, powerful graphics engine and next-generation technology to extend battery life while bringing more delicate and realistic image effects, smoother large-scale gaming experience

Fn+K performance intelligent selection mode to meet the needs of all scenarios
According to different usage scenarios, three AI performance modes are provided. Whether you need high-intensity office, gaming and entertainment, or want to browse the web quietly, Fn+K shortcut operation, immediately fit your use status, move with your heart

Dual heat pipe cooling system, new upgrade and powerful cooling
Upgraded from the single heat pipe of Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15.6″ 2019 model, dual heat pipe and double fan, larger heat conduction area, efficient and rapid cooling, fully release the performance of the processor and graphics card

11% increase in frequency
Dual channel large memory
Standard DDR4 2666MHz dual-channel high-spec memory, up to 16GB. Open and run large documents and applications faster

At least 3 times faster
Scalable SSD
Up to 1TB PCIe NVMe high-speed solid state drive, using a more advanced PCIe x 4 bus interface, expands a single transmission channel to 4 channels, at least 3 times faster than SATA solid state drive read and write speed. Reserve an SSD card slot to expand capacity arbitrarily

15.6″ full-fit high-definition large screen, ultra-narrow side and large field of view
100% sRGB high color gamut, restore true colors to meet professional needs
The 100% sRGB high color gamut screen uses the sRGB standard to define color methods, restore true colors, cover a wider color gamut range, and the colors are more true and accurate, meeting professional visual needs such as photography and design

Full-size keyboard with the same large key pitch as desktop computers
19.5mm anti-mistouch large key pitch
If the key distance is too long, typing is slow, and if the key distance is too short, it is easy to mistype. We have achieved the same 19.5mm key pitch standard as desktop computers, which is more suitable for deep users

Keep more function keys
Larger keyboard area, more full-size function keys are reserved for writing code and editing text

Hyperbolic keycaps that better fit your fingers
0.3mm commonly used keys to customize the keycap curvature, reducing the fatigue caused by the hands striking the keyboard for a long time

1.5mm comfortable rebound high key travel
In a limited space, achieve 1,5mm high key travel, better rebound, for you to find the most familiar sense of confirmation

Unlock the touchpad with fingerprint, wake up to desktop in 2 seconds
Adopt more advanced static press fingerprint to unlock, and gently press to quickly wake up and enter the desktop. At the same time, it supports the Xiaomi sensor key function, close to the sensorless unlock, and the computer automatically locks the screen when leaving, bringing an efficient and safe intelligent experience

Grand Slam interface, 7 major interfaces to meet the needs of the whole scene
The Mi Notebook Pro 15 2020 model has as many as seven interfaces. With the Xiaomi multi-function adapter, it can expand the USB interface, HDMI interface, VGA interface, Mini DP interface, and Gigabit network port. Excellent expansion ability, convenient transmission function, let inspiration be shared at any time

The new Xiaomi mutual transmission high-speed file transmission function, the transmission file format is not limited, the size is not limited, and the speed is fast
Whether it is transmitted with a mobile phone or shared with other Xiaomi notebooks, it can deliver high-definition pictures, high-definition videos, and large compressed packages in just a moment

Harman custom speakers with Dolby Advanced
The newly upgraded Harman custom speaker, Hi-Res audio high-quality audio standard certification, brings deeper low-frequency dive and delicate high-frequency performance. Put on the headphones, Dolby Advanced Sound Edition brings cinema-grade sound effects and feel the immersive experience

i7 processor 16GB/1TB
Tenth generation Intel Core i7-10510U
NVIDIA GeForce MX350 discrete graphics
2GB GDDR5 memory
16GB DDR4 dual channel memory
1TB PCIe SSD storage

i5 processor 8GB/512GB
Tenth generation Intel Core i5-10210U
NVIDIA GeForce MX350 discrete graphics
2GB GDDR5 memory
8GB DDR4 dual channel memory
512GB PCIe SSD storage